Hillary’s Top 5 ISIS Failures

The American people are looking for their next president to outline a clear path to victory against the unimaginable evil of radical Islamic terrorism, but in her speech at the Council on Foreign Relations today, Hillary Clinton offered nothing more than soaring platitudes and promises to largely double down on the existing Obama strategy.


As a candidate, Clinton is counting on the fact that voters will perceive her time as Secretary of State as proof that she is qualified to take on ISIS. The truth is, Secretary of State Clinton repeatedly refused to act as the seeds of what would become ISIS were sown in Syria and Iraq, and as a candidate, she will not repudiate the administration’s botched Middle East strategy.

  1. As Secretary of State, Clinton played a key role in formulating the failed containment strategy President Obama has been straining to maintain in the region. She has since admitted that she “could not have predicted” what ISIS would become.
  2. But, as a candidate, she continues to defend Obama’s unworkable ISIS strategy. Experts like Richard Haass, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, has said, “we simply don’t have” a clearly articulated plan. Even Democrats and editorial boards agree with the experts that we do not have a “comprehensive strategy,” yet Clinton still refuses to rebuke President Obama for calling ISIS the “JV team” and for continuing to underestimate the threat that they pose.
  3. While Clinton has claimed that the rise of ISIS was unpredictable, the United States Defense Intelligence Agency published a report in 2012 stating that the unrest in Syria and Iraq created an environment where a group like ISIS could “declare an Islamic state.” Either Secretary of State Clinton ignored this report or was unable to articulate policy that would prevent its predictions from coming to pass.
  4. The Russia Reset is another disastrous foreign policy “achievement” that Clinton is attempting to run on as a candidate. In truth, our relationship with Russia is in tatters. Now, Russia has moved to take control of the crisis in Iraq and Syria, worsening an already complex sectarian conflict with its unpredictable behavior. Due to the failures of Clinton’s State Department, the United States now has little to no control over what Russia does in the region.
  5. Earlier this year, “the most deadly terrorist group in the world,” Nigeria’s Boko Haram, pledged its allegiance to the Islamic State. As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton refused to name Boko Haram to the United States’ list of foreign terrorist organizations for two years, a decision a former senior official has called “gross hypocrisy.” Together, ISIS and Boko Haram killed over 12,000 people in 2014.

The Obama-Clinton foreign policy agenda is crumbling across the world. Look to her record, and you’ll see that Hillary Clinton has already proved that she is the wrong person to take on the rise of radical Islamic terrorism and its growing threat to the homeland.

See our interactive map to learn more about Clinton’s failed legacy as Secretary of State across the globe.


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