Join Us In Stopping Hillary

Today, Hillary Clinton announced what we already knew: she’s running for president.

She has been running for president for at least a decade, but she’s been running from scandal for even longer.


In fact, Clinton is synonymous with scandal. Can you remember a time when the Clintons haven’t been associated with controversy?

The fact is, Hillary Clinton doesn’t think the rules apply to her. She refuses to be open and honest with the American people.

So now it’s time to examine her record in full: from her latest email scandal and her foundation’s foreign donors to her failures at the State Department, hypocrisy on equal pay, and support for ObamaCare and reckless spending.

She can try to hide from the press, but she can’t hide from the truth. She may be able to delete her emails, but she can’t delete her record.

Americans are ready to take the country in a new direction, away from President Obama’s failed policies. That’s why the RNC is leading the effort to building a community of grassroots supporters and volunteers who are “Ready to Stop Hillary.”

We are prepared to use every resource to stop Hillary. We have a deep reservoir of research from her entire time in public life, documenting every failed policy and political scandal. Our communications team is ready to make the case against Hillary in every community and every state.


Our sophisticated data and digital operation is prepared to go toe-to-toe with the Democrats. Our field program that delivered a Senate majority in 2014 will be expanded and focused on securing the White House.

But we all know taking on the Clinton machine won’t be easy. That’s why we’re working to recruit 100,000 supporters to Stop Hillary, and we need you to spread the word.

Sign and share the pledge to Stop Hillary Clinton here:


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