Democrats Have a Losing, Anti-Energy Agenda

With only a few months until the midterm elections, the issues that matter most to the American people are jobs and the economy. Unfortunately, President Obama and Democrats are committed to energy policies that hurt economic growth and keep more people from finding work.


When it comes to energy, the President and Democrats are running in the wrong direction. Instead of working to create jobs and increase America’s energy independence, they are pandering to far-left liberals who do not understand the priorities of the middle class.

Across the country, hard-working families are paying more as energy costs continue to rise. For anyone who recently filled-up their gas tank or paid their electricity bill, it is easy to see that prices are too high.

Radical environmentalists like Tom Steyer, though, have promised to spend millions of dollars to elect politicians who support their extreme, anti-energy agenda. In the Senate, Harry Reid and Democratic senators are lining up behind their billionaire donors to stop common-sense energy initiatives.

On every important issue, Democrats are on the wrong side of the debate:

  •  Although a majority of Americans are in favor of utilizing our country’s natural resources, Democrats oppose offshore oil and gas drilling that would generate energy and economic activity.
  •  While scientific studies have shown that fracking is a safe practice, some Democratic leaders want to ban it and cut Americans out of a 21st-century energy boom.
  •  As public support for the Keystone XL pipeline continues to grow, the Democratic-controlled Senate still refuses to approve the project, which would create thousands of good-paying jobs.
  • Democrats have voiced their support for increased EPA regulations on U.S. power plants, despite the fact that these restrictions would devastate local economies and communities.

In comparison, Republicans have championed an all-of-the-above approach to energy production. In addition to passing over 40 job-creating bills, Republicans in Congress are pushing legislation that would expand the energy market and strengthen America’s energy independence.

These efforts, however, are going nowhere in Harry Reid’s Senate. As long as extreme environmentalists have their way, Democrats will continue to say ‘no’ to the American people and ‘no’ to energy.

The foreseeable consequences of this senseless gridlock: higher electricity prices, more pain at the pump, and a public that is ready to fire Harry Reid in November.



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