EBONY, Black Republicans, and Media Bias

When members of the media show their bias—especially when they refuse even to consider conservative ideas—we have to call them out. Yesterday, a senior editor for EBONY, Jamilah Lemieux, began attacking black Republicans on Twitter. When an RNC staffer, Deputy Press Secretary Raffi Williams, called her out for her bias, she didn’t engage in a civil dialogue. She instead dismissed him as “a white dude.” Raffi is black.


She went on to call her critics “a house of roaches” and say that she “no interest” in having a reasonable conversation. You can read more about the exchange in National Review.

There’s not even a pretense of journalistic objectivity in her words. And many conservatives rightfully pointed that out on Twitter, defending not only Raffi but the importance of journalistic objectivity and the exchange of ideas.

On Friday morning, I sent a letter to EBONY asking for an apology. Raffi discussed the events and the letter on Fox and Friends.

On Friday afternoon, I’m pleased to report, EBONY took action and issued an apology. You can read their apology here. We appreciate and accept their response, and I hope we can use this unfortunate episode as a catalyst for greater engagement and understanding. We’re grateful that the publication was willing to hold their own editor accountable and to reiterate their commitment to thoughtful political discourse.


So I want extend my thanks to all the conservatives—and non-conservatives—who spoke out in a civil manner to expose this biased behavior. We must continue to shine a light on such unacceptable bias whenever and wherever we find it.


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