An Unhappy Birthday

This weekend is one of those occasions you’d rather forget. On Sunday, ObamaCare turns four, but the law certainly hasn’t gotten better with age.

In fact four years later, the damage is more real than ever. Families who have lost their insurance plans or their doctors are hurting. Working men and women have seen their hours cut. Moms and dads are finding it harder to pay the bills because their paychecks are smaller.


Yet Democrats refuse to repeal the law. They refuse to say that ObamaCare isn’t “affordable care.”

But they are tacitly acknowledging that it’s unpopular and terrible politics for them.

The truth is ObamaCare is poisonous for the Democrats—and it has their party in disarray.

DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz is still pretending Democrats are proud and eager to run on ObamaCare, and Nancy Pelosi has said that she’s doubling down on ObamaCare.

But no matter how “eager” Democrat leadership is to run on the law, last week’s special election in Florida’s 13th District showed us why Democrats up for election are afraid of ObamaCare. It’s a district that Obama won twice. It’s a district that the Democrat candidate won when she ran for governor. It’s a district that Democrats poured money into and outspent Republicans.

But the Republican, David Jolly, ran against ObamaCare. He ran on protecting Medicare Advantage. He ran on fixing our debt. And he won.


That put a lot of fear in Democrats. And it’s no wonder they’ve given up on taking back the House. And on the Senate side, Republicans continue to expand the map. We need to win a net six seats to win the Senate, and we’ve got many ways to make that happen.

And the most important thing we can do right now to win that majority is to keep telling the truth about ObamaCare. The facts are on our side.


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