Sign the pledge: Tell Senate Democrats: Dismantle ObamaCare now and Don't Shut Down The Government!

This weekend, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives listened to the American people and passed a continuing resolution that keeps the government running, delays ObamaCare for a year, and repeals the medical device tax.


Unfortunately for Americans, Harry Reid and Senate Democrats couldn’t be bothered to take up the bill this weekend. Harry Reid didn’t even bother to convene for session Monday morning. But they did find time to attack Republicans and try to pass the buck if they force a government shutdown. If they’re actually worried about a shutdown, though, then why didn’t they gavel into session on Sunday? Why did they wait until Monday afternoon to get to work?

It is time for Harry Reid and the Democrat-led Senate to act. They need to pass the Republican plan to keep the government running and to give all Americans the same ObamaCare delay that the president gave big business. They need to stop playing political games with our government to protect this train wreck of a law.

Harry Reid and his fellow Democrats in the Senate have a simple choice—stand with President Obama and his terrible law or stand with the voters who elected them.

For Republicans this is an easy choice, and the House has acted accordingly. Now it’s time for the Senate to do the same. So, sign our pledge today. Tell Senate Democrats: Dismantle ObamaCare now!


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