Today RNC Votes For Fair Debates

Last week I sent letters to NBC and CNN informing them that if they did not abandon plans to run pro-Hillary productions ahead of her expected presidential campaign, the RNC would vote to exclude the networks from Republican presidential primary debates in the 2016 cycle.


Today we will vote. Now is the time to call out media bias and to ensure fair debates for our candidates. Networks that spend millions to air programs promoting Hillary Clinton can’t be expected to host fair debates.

This week, the RNC has produced a “mini-series” of our own, exploring the things NBC and CNN might “forget” to include in their Hillary productions.

From Monday: Part I: Will the Hillary Films Include “What Difference Does it Make?”


From Tuesday: Part II: Will the Hillary Films Include the McAuliffe-Rodham Scandals?


From Wednesday: Part III: Will the Hillary Films Include the Norman Hsu Scandal?


From Thursday: Part IV: Will the Hillary Films Include the Pardon and Clemency Scandals?


I’m disappointed, though not entirely surprised, that NBC and CNN have decided to move forward with the Hillary promos. But I am proud that Republicans have stood united against this blatant display of media bias, bias so evident that even a number of liberals and journalists have agreed with our position.

And with today’s vote, we take the first step toward more productive debates for our candidates and for voters.


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