VIP GOLD CHAT: Another Trump Indictment and Brad Slager Joins Us to Chat About It All - Replay Available

It’s Wednesday night, and that means it is time for the RedState VIP LIVE chat. Duke and Scott and first of the monthly regular guest Brad Slager along with Producer Jimothy, are here chatting about the big stories of the day.

Here is just a mild sampling of what is going on as covered here at RedState and on the show tonight.

*The latest Trump indictment seems to be a bit of a dud, but the left is ecstatic of course.
The People Dancing Over the Trump Indictment Will Slip and Fall on His Next Poll Numbers

*U.S. credit rating takes a hit, and the Biden team gets ticked.
Biden Team Throws a Fit Trying to Spin Fitch Downgrading US Credit Rating

*Bud Light gets dragged again.
Coors Hits the Marketing Target: Would You Drink the Beer of Dylan Mulvaney or Rip Wheeler?

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