VIP Gold Live Chat at 8 PM Eastern With Special Guest, Townhall's Matt Vespa - Replay Available

It is Wednesday, and we all know what that means! VIP GOLD LIVE CHAT!

Join Thomas LaDuke and Scott Hounsell tonight as they welcome the wildly entertaining Matt Vespa (@mvespa1). Matt is a Senior Editor at Townhall and has been a reliable source of infotainment, providing both education and information while entertaining his readers. After Storm Paglia joined us last week, it only makes sense we had the other half of the Triggered Podcast this week!

Also joining us will be Brad Slager (@MartiniShark), because who can’t use a little more Slager in their lives? (Except for the Lincoln Project and the Bulwark crowd, but we repeat ourselves.) Brad will be bringing us his latest on the media’s attempts to continue to shill for the left.

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Tonight’s topic will be: The DOJ lies, the FBI is incompetent, the media are a bunch of criminals in spreading false information…..  But what is someone to do about it?

Join us tonight at 8 PM Eastern, right here on VIP Gold.

Looking forward to a great show tonight and looking forward to all of you joining us at 8 PM Eastern, right here at RedState!


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