SIAKA MASSAQUOI: From the Front Lines of the Culture War

Actor/Producer Siaka Massaquoi. CREDIT: Siaka Massaquoi, used with permission

(Siaka Massaquoi is an actor and producer, and Vice Chair of Los Angeles County Republican Party. He has been in the entertainment industry for over 15 years, and can regularly be seen in Babylon Bee videos.)


“The good news doesn’t make any sense unless you know what the bad news is first, and the bad news goes pretty deep.” — Bill Mallonee

We are all living through an intense period of geo-political and societal turmoil, and although the landscape and momentum of the day can sway, I’d like to share an incredibly positive, yet direly urgent message and frontline report on the escalating Cultural War that’s actively being waged against each and every one of us.

Opposing this force and encroaching darkness is the light and power of the spiritual / truth revival cascading worldwide, building with each passing day. This is a history-shaping clash that’s been coined “the Great Reset vs. the Great Awakening.”

As many of us are aware, there’s a multi-front war being waged in America on millions of unsuspecting participants — our friends, brothers and sisters, moms and dads, and sons and daughters. The attack is a relentless 24/7/365 attack on our biology, our faith, and on our psyche. The sophistication of the assault is like nothing we’ve ever seen before, and to ultimately win this war there need not be a shot fired, for this is a battle for the mind, and ultimately the heart and soul of man and of a nation.

I’ve been intensely plugged into this Culture War for many years, and more recently I’ve been an active participant. As a 43-year-old, black, Christian Conservative in the MAGA era, I’ve been targeted and harassed for my political views and for simply exercising my 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech:

Let’s just say my social credit score isn’t looking so hot.

It’s important to mention that I haven’t always been a Christian Conservative. I was raised in Chicago by a single mother, and with that, I bought into much of the Democratic platform, dogma, and ideology through my childhood and into my adult years through the Obama regime.


Eventually, I woke up to the con game that was being run on the people by the Democratic Party (as part of the Uni-party System), at the same time I was solidifying my sobriety and finding my relationship with God.

I’m often asked, where are we today, in this Culture War?

As the full scope of the Culture War is too convoluted and multi-layered to fully address in this article, I’m going to focus on the Media/ Big Tech/Entertainment complex angle, which bleeds into every aspect of our lives.

Like any war, there are distinct levels to this conversation, including (unfortunately) our own military, the State Department, and the Pentagon, along with Big Tech and Big Media, who are illegally deploying military-grade psychological warfare operations, 5th Generation warfare, against the American people.

5th Generation warfare is conducted primarily through non-kinetic military action, such as social engineering, misinformation, cyberattacks, along with emerging technologies such as AI and autonomous systems). This next generation of warfare has been described as a war of “information and perception.”

The Culture War is being war-gamed, architected, funded, and operated at the “Military Industrial Complex” level, which includes international intelligence agencies and their proxies, Think Tanks, charities, private endowments, et cetera. Their tactics are drawn directly from Saul Alinsky’s infamous book, “Rules for Radicals,” including projecting their actions onto their enemies, inverting the truth, destabilizing & balkanizing the people, manufacturing distractions, demonizing, and the eventual imprisonment and/or death of their political opponents.

The enemy is pushing the envelope because they are, metaphorically, running out of cards to play. They’re desperate because many of their plans have been outed and many of their leaders have been exposed, which undoubtedly increases the stakes of this “winner-take-all” game. History indicates that they will continue with their British Empire philosophy and strategy of Divide and Conquer, progressively implemented under sociologist Cloward and Piven’s Strategy and Policy to “Fundamentally transform America.”

The enemies of humanity are able to force-feed the public a wildly unpopular agenda thanks to the coordination of the corrupt, Mockingbird, mainstream corporate media, primarily television (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, CNN, MSNBC and print media, WaPo, NYT, AP, Reuters, USA Today, and almost every printing press). Once neutral small-town newspapers have been acquired by a larger company or they’ve made the business decision to partner with the permanent bureaucracy, or the deep state, in order to stay in business, or they are aligned politically and philosophically and 1) also benefit financially, 2) get to work to enforce their agenda…the true Weaponization of Media.


We are also seeing in the recently released Twitter Files, the internal emails, and hard evidence of the collusion of Big Tech and the highest levels of our intelligence agencies, FBI, CIA, et al., along with the “media industrial complex” to censor, target, dox and destroy their political enemies and those deemed a threat to the establishment narrative.

The Far Left agenda, promoted by Hollywood and Big Tech (financed by the CCP), promotes a degenerative, offensive, and ungodly worldview, and unless you’ve been in a coma or living under a rock it has become utterly impossible to escape or avoid the endless propaganda that’s being targeted at all of us at every possible turn. Hollywood, Big Tech, and Big Media can still shape the narrative, silence dissent, and ultimately brainwash the masses to kowtow to their agenda, so they continue to be dangerous, but that trend has changed in recent years with the explosion of alternative media.

We’ve all witnessed firsthand what happens when you stand up to the assigned corporate narrative, i.e., the safety and effectiveness of the Covid vaccines, the ineffectiveness of masks and lockdowns, funding the Ukraine war, the events around January 6th, the hyper-sexualization of our children, and election transparency. These are opinions that are not controversial to most adults and certainly shouldn’t warrant targeting by the FBI as a domestic terrorist (Biden’s 2021 Strategy for Countering Domestic Extremism).

As fate (or prophecy) would have it, it’s not surprising that we’re living in a time of great deceit and delusion; everything around us is a synthetic, artificial system that has been designed to condition everyone to incrementally submit to tyranny, to allow the predators to prey on our children and steal their innocence, and ultimately relinquishing one’s own personal agency and spirit and to metaphysically submit.

In 2023, two of the main institutional pillars that are critical to influencing the masses, are 1) Main Street Entertainment, i.e. Hollywood, and 2) Race exploitation. Both topics are so complex, a doctoral thesis could be spent on each topic, but here’s a snapshot.

Main Street Entertainment

It’s obvious that Hollywood is a dying, zombie institution on the verge of total, self-inflicted collapse. The current state of and the rapid decline of Hollywood has become symbolic and a microcosm of our larger societal and cultural decline. Hollywood and much of the recent content they have promoted and released doesn’t represent American culture or values but represents something much more perverse and sinister in nature, and oftentimes not related to “art” in the least bit.

“Mass Media entertainment”, movies, TV shows, TV personalities, and video games are perhaps the largest American export around the world, and Hollywood is the representation to the world of what our “values” look like. As imperfect as the values were in the US in the 1950s when television was birthed, the ideas of family, decency, and life lessons were much more wholesome than what’s promoted today in the main.


Hollywood is being propped up financially, and thus beholden to the Communist Chinese party, with Chinese companies owning four of the six largest production companies in Hollywood, including several of the most prestigious and influential: Legendary, Tencent Pictures, Voltage etc…This “monetary stronghold” directly influences the CCP approved content and promoted stories that are supported, financed and eventually produced for distribution or cinematic release. (Interestingly enough, a Chinese company also happens to own AMC Theaters, the largest theatre chain in the world).

The long-term “cultural impact” on what stories and what opinions are shared (or not), with a huge catalog focused on highly-impressionable and influenceable young boys and girls (including gaming and TikTok) cannot be measured. As owners or primary stakeholders the Chinese Communist Party, via their surrogates, has the ability to use funding and “green-light” power to determine what can and cannot be said and communicated, to exert pressure to change or bury/kill a project if you don’t bend the knee.

The woke agenda, driven by woke executives, either because of virtue signaling or as part of corporate credit-score governance, have steered their multiple organizations into a flailing, spiraling abyss; case in point, the programming decisions at Disney in recent years. The decision to openly reject their loyal fanbase has caused Star Wars, Toy Story, Lord of the Rings, to become abject failures, monetary flops, and the repudiation of their agenda. Ultimately, this has led to tremendous financial losses and once dedicated customers, to boycott their movies, amusement parks, and merchandise, and damaging the brand.

Netflix’s woke programming, the inappropriate over-sexualization of young children (Cuties), and the constant barrage of inappropriate and repugnant content destroyed their viewership, stock price, and monthly membership numbers as well.

Hollywood continues to openly discriminate and forbid the unvaccinated from working on set, directly impacting the careers and livelihoods of tens of thousands of “working actors”, and also, crew members (cameramen, stuntmen, etc.). The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) refuses to update its policies, regardless of what we are learning about the true effectiveness of social distancing, masks, and vaccines.

Growing up during the ’80s, I couldn’t have fathomed the current “State of Hollywood” in 2023. This total censorship, Woke mob brigade is a far cry from the vocal anti-War, pro-free speech Left.

Race in your face!

It’s easy to remember a time, perhaps pre-Obama, when “race” wasn’t the primary focus and the immediate main topic of conversation was automatically assigned to every situation and event…regardless if “race” is relevant or not.

It’s not surprising that as the intensity of the larger Cultural War ratchets up, the emotionally-charged and historically sensitive topics of race and race relations have been brought to the forefront. Racial division has taken center stage for several reasons, including 1) there’s a multi-billion dollar business infrastructure behind the Racial-Division industry, 2) just like other highly sensitive cultural wounds around the world, class war, religious war, economic war, race, and race war are perfect for division, or dividing and conquering a people or nation.


Essentially “race” has been knowingly and dangerously weaponized by the social-scientist and social engineers and is being used as a top mechanism (weapon) to divide the American people. “Racial division tactics” are used as the template to drive a conscious/subconscious psychological wedge between the overwhelming majority of Americans that aren’t racist and don’t judge individuals based on their skin color, but rather their deeds and the content of their character…it’s also meant to further and more intensely “radicalize” actually racist white and black people.

For many, “race and slavery” elicit an understandably emotional and /or defensive response. Those that can be triggered easily or automatically fall apart when discussing mature topics as they’ve been programmed to be nothing more than emotional NPCs (nonplayer characters). Because when race and slavery are maturely and respectfully discussed, both can be debated and argued and these topics need not be treated as inflammatory or taboo. The problem arises with the intentional slanting of the race angle, the spin, the framing, and the specific language which is intended to be divisive in nature.

It’s our natural human, tribal-instincts that are being exploited, exacerbated, and manipulated to negatively influence racial harmony and accord in America, and thus around the world (i.e. Non-stop Hollywood program of black victimization and movies that capture the most salacious and the glorification of the worst elements of the culture, drugs, jail, gang-life).

Who’s responsible? Republicans? White nationalists? Cops? I ask, who has been in charge? At the corporate business level, this mental sickness is presented as Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) has infected and is spreading to virtually every important institution, oftentimes overtaking the institution. This is evidenced by higher education institutions openly pushing Critical Race Theory (CRT), pushing open segregation, and more intensely dividing.

It’s no secret that political and economic corruption has plagued and suffocated the black community for decades (cities get worse, politicians get rich), but it shouldn’t be surprising that Democratic-run cities are ripe for corruption. It’s also no secret that the American urban/black community has been the fertile testing grounds for various government social, medical, and cultural experiments going back decades. Oftentimes the cultural experiments are rooted in Marxism, but packaged and sold as Socialism or Collectivism, in order to appeal to larger groups of individuals, highly susceptible to mass propaganda (and scams).

Speaking of scams, it was no surprise that the money-laundering, Marxist, radical group Black Lives Matter (BLM) was exposed as a completely fraudulent, and disgusting organization. Various in-depth reports have exposed BLM’s leadership for their reckless and lavish use of tens of millions of dollars in donated funds to fund their lifestyle, including several, multi-million dollar homes in overwhelmingly affluent, white neighborhoods…while at the same time, contributing virtually zero dollars to affected communities. The same communities burned down, partly because of the rhetoric BLM was spewing during the 2020 Summer of Rage across America, resulting in $2 billion-plus in property damage and approximately 20 deaths.


How is the black community portrayed in Hollywood and in Main Street culture? Why do most young black boys feel like they have to be an athlete or an entertainer to “escape the hood” and be successful?

How does rap music and the criminal lifestyle that it promotes tie into the prison industrial complex across America? Where are the fathers?

In my experience, the Left has been exposed as extremely narrow-minded and happy to live in the echo chamber. They are happy to adhere to the “Group-Think” mentality and any diversity of thought, regardless of skin color, is deemed a threat. Once an individual is deemed a threat, if they are black, the establishment uses black pawns to attack black truth-tellers. The goal is to destroy by any means necessary, via censorship, law-fare, financial penalties, etc.

Also, the direct impact mass immigration has on poor communities across America is worth noting. The wave of millions of new illegal immigrants from around the world, mostly third-world populations, directly impacts inner-city schools and the neighborhood gang landscape and intensifies the fight for already scarce resources.

To conclude, and possibly, as important as all the other points I’ve tried to bring to your attention, this is perhaps THE most important:

What are the solutions, and how can you get involved?

  • Stand up and be a leader. Start with your sphere of influence and work outwards, don’t start your journey trying to take on City Hall.
  • Get involved in local school boards, and be diligent in exposing leftist teachers and far Left indoctrination in education.
  • Campaign and run for City Council or the various smaller, lesser-known boards and committees and become actively involved.
  • Partner with local farming communities and agricultural co-ops, where available, plant your own garden.
  • Look to organize local neighborhood or church events that foster a sense of community and collaboration.
  • Get involved in your children’s lives; unplug from the electronics and take advantage of the time you spend with loved ones and friends…if you don’t have children, volunteer, there are a million ways to contribute as a positive role model.

Those in my circle of influence, my friends and my business partners are focused and determined to inspire positive cultural change in the arts, including music, movies, and in comedy. We also hope to increase civic engagement and harness strategic business relationships to build an alternative economy, so we don’t have to rely on the people that hate us for the important things we need in life. I believe there is a tremendous desire, need, and want for talented, conservative entertainment, comedy, and movies; a desire to “take back the culture.”

On this journey I’ve been so blessed to have met thousands of individuals, a growing list of strong-willed men and women, moms and dads, fed up, properly motivated, and prepared to defend these attacks on their children. They are driven by the American spirit and the ancestral epigenetics and the Godly strength that hardens the fighting resolve of the people.


I find it poetic that America and everyday Americans are leading the global resistance, and standing up to tyranny. Around the world, there is a collective consciousness arising, but the greater awakening for the larger masses needs to accelerate before it’s too late. History has shown that when old, illegitimate regimes (the globalists) collapse, and “the truth” is revealed to the public, due to the sociopathic/psychopathic nature of the powerful social engineers/elites, we move closer to their “burn it all down to rule over it” end-game scenario. This is what we are opposing, and what our message can help shine a light on.

God Bless you all and God Bless America.

(The opinions expressed in guest op-eds are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of


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