Are You Astroturf?

For the last year and a half the TEA Party movement has rallied Americans around the cause of bringing fiscal responsibility back to our Government. We have protested. We have made catchy t-shirts. We have raised awareness. We have confronted our liberal representatives and served notice that they will soon join the unemployed.


Each of those activities is important and has a place but now it’s time to put your money where your mouth is: Protest must become action.

Winning requires action! It’s politics 101 that if you want to make policy then you must win politically. The only way to do that is to get more of your people to vote than the other guy turns out.

On November 3rd, as we look back on this election, there will be no comfort in saying, “Well, we lost by 5% but check out those awesome signs and pun-ridden bumper stickers we had!!”

NOW is the time for you to put down your signs of protest, stop preaching to the choir and get into action! Many organizations and individuals understand this necessity but far too many lag behind.

I’ve talked to more than a few avid TEA Partiers who claim they are just too busy to volunteer at a phone bank or go out block walking. Many of these people are the same ones who have plastered their car with catchy bumper stickers and attend every protest available to them.

Everybody has excuses! Everybody has lives, friends, families and responsibilities that take up our time but we also face the same question: What will you do for the good of your country?

If Thomas Jefferson had decided to hang out at Monticello instead of drafting the Declaration of Independence where would we be today? If Paul Revere hadn’t given up some sleep to make his midnight ride what would be different about our nation? If George Washington had thought that leaving the British military was just too much of a career risk what flag would we salute?


My point is this, if you actually care about the direction of our country, this is your time. Find a candidate or cause you can volunteer for! Be proactive, not just reactive. Carving out a few hours between now and the election can make a huge impact.

The Left has said we’re just hot air. Astroturf. If we can’t dedicate a few hours to turning out conservative voters then they will be right. The results of this election will in large part be a referendum on the impact of the TEA Party movement.

The ultimate answer is up for you to decide: Are you Astroturf?


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