Kagan’s Premeditated Murder

Elena Kagan, President Obama’s nominee to the Supreme Court is guilty of murder in the first degree.  Unfortunately, even though the evidence would demonstrate she is a cold blooded, calculated killer, outside of her position on abortion, she has never been charged.  Now, the evidence is coming to light.  Who did Kagan murder?  She murdered Ronald Reagan.


In November 1980, Reagan was on his way to the White House and Kagan was Chairman of the editorial page of The Daily Princetonian, Princeton’s student newspaper.  The day before the election, Kagan and her editorial page editors made clear what their position was in the race for President between Reagan and Carter.  They had one goal: “Keeping Reagan Out of the White House.”

This was necessary because of the following:

  • “Consider the control of nuclear weapons.  While Carter has laboriously negotiated an arms control treaty that he still intends to lobby through Congress, Reagan opposes SALT II.  Under a Reagan presidency, an undesirable arms race, intended to cow the Russians, could well result.”
  • “But Reagan’s economic policies are as fanciful as Carter’s are austere.  He insists that he can reduce taxes sharply, increase military spending, maintain existing domestic programs and balance the budget within three years.  Most economists agree that an across-the-board 10 per cent income tax reduction for three successive years would result in both unprecedented inflation and a redistribution of income to the wealthy.  Such “voodoo economics” is superficially attractive, but would ultimately prove disastrous.  Basic and necessary social programs would undoubtedly be discarded in the resulting budget crunch.”
  • “Reagan has argued that state and local governments should play a greater role in providing social services, without explaining where fiscally strapped cities will find the funds.  His clarion call for a smaller federal government amounts to a policy of benign neglect for America’s cities.”
  • “Reagan’s approach to energy problems. The United States is actually “energy-rich”, he claims.  He would abolish the Department of Energy and the windfall profits tax, both of which he asserts limit private industry’s energy production.  He advocates nuclear power and the continued exploitation of non-renewable energy sources.  Although Carter has not sufficiently stressed conservation and the development of renewable energy sources, he has successfully deregulated oil prices and established a synthetic fuels program.  More importantly, he is far more aware of nuclear power’s potential dangers than is Reagan.”
  • “Nor can Carter’s excellent record of judicial appointments go ignored.  While in office, Carter has appointed more women blacks and Hispanics to the federal judiciary than all previous presidents combined.  Notwithstanding his campaign promise to select a woman for the Supreme Court, Reagan has paid little attention to these groups in the past.  With several Supreme Court justices likely to be replaced in the next four years, the thought of a conservative Nixon-Reagan bench is about as comforting as the Republican platform plank demanding that all Supreme Court nominees be anti-abortion.”
  • “Finally, Reagan both opposes the equal rights amendment and supports a constitutional amendment that would outlaw abortion unless the mother’s life was at stake.  The President rightly takes the opposite positions.  Women in particular should realize that Reagan does not justly recognize their rights and concerns.”

Although Kagan was not enthusiastic about Carter, she wanted to make sure that Ivy League students did not waste their votes on a third party candidate, because, with Reagan lurking, supporting the third party candidate of choice, who would certainly lose and thereby help Reagan was “a luxury [the] nation [could not] afford.”

It was immediately after the Reagan victory that Kagan penned the now infamous editorial “Fear and Loathing in Brooklyn” where she decried the outcome of other elections won by conservatives and noted of her politics, “I absorbed such liberal principles early, more to the point; I have retained them fairly intact to this day.”

The editorial looked somewhat like a concession speech, because Kagan addressed the comeback of the liberal movement, but it was far from it.  Kagan was not about conceding.  She was premeditating and on Monday, January 19, 1981, she did the unthinkable; she killed Ronald Reagan.  How did she do it?


The day before Reagan was to be inaugurated, The Daily Princetonian, under Kagan’s leadership, ran an Onion style article, but never told the readers it was untrue.  The headline read “Reagan Dead of Heart Attack: Bush to Take Office Tomorrow; Supports Latest Hostage Move.”  The article reads like a legitimate news story.  The first two paragraphs state the following:

  • “President-elect Ronald Reagan died in his sleep of an apparent heart attack early this morning, one day before he was to take the oath of office.  He was 69.
  • “Vice-president elect George Bush will be sworn in tomorrow as the nation’s 40th President.”

Indeed, unless you get beyond the front page, and basically to the editorial page, you would never know the article was false and one would assume, intended to be humorous.  Kagan and her editorial team went on to write the following:

  • “Ronald Reagan was young, but he offered Americans a sophomoric vision of the future.”
  • “At this time, we extend our sympathies to the bereaved family of the late President-elect.  Imagine Nancy Reagan’s disappointment when she realized the White House was no longer hers to redecorate.  We hope that the unfortunate widow can still afford to shop at Adolfo’s, that Patti manages to land enough guest spots on mediocre TV-sitcoms to pay the rent, and that Ron Reagan, Jr., becomes a star with the Joffrey Ballet.  But we doubt they will.”

If you had any questions about how calculating Ms. Kagan is and whether she would kill and laugh about it, this clearly answers the question.  She hated the policies of Ronald Reagan and I’m sure she still does.  That’s why she killed him and that’s why President Obama has nominated her.  If she is fortunate enough to be confirmed, unfortunate for America, the conservative Justices better sleep with one eye open.  Otherwise, they might not wake-up.


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