Desperate For Traction, Cordray Continues Comparing Republicans To Nazis

FILE - In this March 26, 2015, file photo, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) Director, Richard Cordray, speaks during a panel discussion in Richmond, Va. The CFPB is considering banning a practice known as forced arbitration for financial services. (AP Photo/Steve Helber, File)

In an attempt to pander to his most liberal supporters, Richard Cordray again shows how out of touch he is with Ohio voters. Recent video has emerged of the Ohio Gubernatorial candidate comparing Republicans to Nazis.


It’s hard to imagine this being a winning message, but this is the second video of Cordray making a comparison of this nature. During a campaign stop with the Licking County Democrats in Newark, Ohio on June 15th, Cordray equated Republicans to the Third Reich.

Bizarrely, the Democrat said that tone matters before he started equating Republicans to Nazis. The irony of his hypocrisy appeared to be lost on the gubernatorial hopeful.

“I will say, that as I said, the tone that you set in government and leadership matters,” Cordray said. “I mean, right now we have a tone being set by the White House, which is absolutely against everything I’ve understood for America. You know, trying to find people to scapegoat and blame? That’s like Nazi Germany.”

Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton in Ohio by 8 points and he continues to be popular in the Buckeye State. Attacking him at this point isn’t going to have tremendous appeal to the crossover voters who sent him to the White House.


The former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head is demonstrating his lack of historical knowledge as well as how out of touch he is with Ohio voters. Republicans have been dominating Ohio politics over the past few election cycles. Branding them as Nazis is not going to sway undecided voters. Even Independents and crossover Democrats who voted for Trump will be turned off by this absurd rhetoric.


Cordray had previously compared Ohio Republicans to Nazi collaborators in Vichy France. After his comments were publicized, Cordray’s spokesman claimed he “regrets” having made the “inappropriate comparison.” But, his comments were not isolated. Since he has made this comparison at least twice, it appears it may be a bit of a theme for the Ohio Democrats to alienate and offend.

While President Trump’s brand of brash communication is hard to replicate, it appears Cordray is attempting to do that, but his message is way off the mark. Instead of a bolder leader, Cordray is emerging as a milquetoast muppet.

It’s hard to imagine anyone thinking what occurs in Columbus resembles Nazi Germany or Vichy France. Nazi comparisons rarely go over well and may serve to be Cordray’s undoing.

Richard Cordray is facing off against Mike DeWine this fall. This is a rematch from the 2010 Attorney General’s race in which DeWine handily defeated Cordray. With Cordray’s desperate approach to campaigning, it may be an uphill battle in Trump strong Ohio.


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