Washington State Should Have Lockdowns and Contact Tracers for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

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Governor Jay Inslee of Washington just announced more restrictions for citizens such as myself and my family, supposedly to protect us from the COVID virus. In my opinion, this is ridiculous. I understood a two-week lockdown and I tried to understand where he was coming from when the lockdown was extended to over a month. We are now heading into 5 months. And by the way, for those of you who do not live in Washington as I do, there are people everywhere now, almost as if they have just decided to disagree with staying inside for even more weeks on end. People here are pretty smart. There is a lot of mask wearing (and some shaming) but this is a blue state, so you kind of expect that. According to some of my small business friends, they are allowed to let customers go without masks as long as they proclaim a medical exemption and practice social distancing. However, several of them informed me that they were warned that the state is sending out people to check on their businesses, almost like secret shoppers, and if they are caught not complying the first offense is a $1000 fine and if there is a second offense, they can lose their business license. Again, this is ridiculous. I read through many of the guidelines at https://coronavirus.wa.gov/ and frankly was overwhelmed. It made me happy to not be a small business owner.


I know of NO ONE that is happy or appreciates or understands why we are being forced (illegally, by the way, without anyone ever having voted on it or even giving the public a chance to discuss these measures) to extend more restrictions on our movement and ability to work and provide for our families. If my family goes to a restaurant, we cannot even sit together because there are too many of us. RIDICULOUS. Grant it, these measures are not enforceable and even Inslee admitted that it is going to be more like voluntarily quarantining, but threatened that more restrictions could come if the public at large refuses to comply and cases of COVID increase. That got me to thinking. As of this writing, there have been just over 1300 deaths in Washington due to COVID. I have a contact in county records in a different county from where I live and they admitted that deaths have been fudged on purpose to make it look like more people have died from it than actually have, even when angry families protested and did not have a say in the matter. But that is a subject for a different article.

There are 7.6 million people in Washington. Those deaths, while certainly tragic for those families, make up .00017% of the population. Additionally, contact tracers that work for the state in conjunction with local health departments can track people who have gotten the virus and then track down all the people they were in contact with to supposedly slow the spread. And by the way, they do not have to say who you were around or near that had it. They can literally show up at your door, claim you were in contact with SUCH AND SUCH PERSON and require you to quarantine for two weeks, even if you test negative. In case I have not stated this enough…this is RIDICULOUS!!!


That is when I had an epiphany. What if we had lockdowns and contact tracers for STDs? According to alarms.org there were 6175 cases of just three sexually transmitted diseases in Washington state during 2018. In other words, there were over four times as many confirmed STD cases then as there have been for COVID so far and a portion of those were high schoolers. Yet Inslee has not addressed this travesty! Can you imagine how high those STD cases would be if we threw in AIDS/HIV? How would you feel if someone showed up at your door with the message that they needed to interview your daughter because they had “heard” through a person that they were forbidden to identify (because of privacy, don’tcha know) that she had been sexually active with them and now she needed to not only enter a forced quarantine, but she also had to reveal whomever else she had engaged in sexual activity with in the last however many months due to the dormant nature of said STD? It would not be pretty; I can tell you that right now. Of course that would never happen. You see, sex ed has gone so far beyond sex ed and become “you’re a teenager and can’t control your hormones so here’s a condom and the number for the local Planned Parenthood office.” Unless, of course, you are the guy then you have ZERO choice in what happens if you get a girl pregnant. Leaders today would not dare stifle these young peoples’ lifestyles for fear of ruining their freedom and self-esteem. I imagine that the gay community would be really furious if someone started following them around and treating them in such a manner, and rightly so. Thus, the state has decided of its own accord and without the input of the proper “stakeholders” (the CITIZENS) to squelch freedom and civil rights arbitrarily and with no discussion. I am sure that someone will respond to this article by trying to point out that STDs do not kill people like COVID. Really? Before anyone brings up that argument, I highly suggest they do the research on how many women who previously or currently had an STD also had an abortion. If those numbers were in any way, shape, or form low, there would be no Planned Parenthood. And Planned Parenthood kills people by the tens of thousands (if not more) every year.


SO…I think I will make a sign and carry it in my car that says, “I AM PROTESTING!” If I do that then I can go wherever I want and with whomever I want, because, well, I’m protesting. Perhaps I should also make another one that simply says, “REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER.”


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