Following New York's Gruesome Decision, Meghan McCain Calls Out Abortion As Pivotal Issue

The State of New York is allowing infanticide up to 26 weeks while the state of Iowa is banning killings of the unborn once the essence of humanity — a heartbeat — is detected. This is the dissonant reality Right and Left America finds themselves in. Not too unlike slave and free states of the 19th century.


But The View‘s Meghan McCain took to Twitter Tuesday night to make the most cogent reasoning for who we vote for in 2020.

“We are one of only seven nations in the world, along with North Korea and China, to allow abortion on demand after 20 weeks” the late Senator John McCain’s daughter began. “Our existing law is extreme, and as a pro-life American, I cannot support anyone who supports it.”

McCain went on to call out abortion for the “battleground culture issue” that it is.


“It is a battleground culture war issue, as we see in New York, where the Democratic standard is abortion on demand, taxpayer funded, and if you don’t like it, leave. True leaders don’t play pretend about our divisions. They lead,” McCain tweeted.

McCain is absolutely right. She’s a fantastic voice in an unfriendly environment arguing for the pro-life cause where conservatives need it so desperately.


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