Joe Scarborough Once Condemned Al Sharpton’s Bigotry; Now He Welcomes Him On 'Morning Joe'

You know Joe Scarborough was in Congress, right? If not, he’ll be happy to tell you or just tune in to any 40 minutes of MSNBC’s Morning Joe. If there’s any consistency in Joe’s character, it’s that he has a penchant for laughably well-documented hard swings on his opinions, including individuals.


While Donald Trump is the president we all know Joe, and his co-host/girlfriend Mika Brzezinski, loved up until the moment he secured the Republican nomination, Al Sharpton — who made his name race-baiting since the 80s — is the reverse for Joe. Whenever racially charged issues come up in the news, Morning Joe always has a seat at the table for the Reverend Al, which would likely appall Scarborough’s year 2000 self.

You see, way back in March of 2000 when Joe was a congressman from Florida’s 1st congressional district, he was so disgusted by Sharpton’s actions and rhetoric, he introduced legislation for the sole purpose of Sharpton receiving condemnation and rebuke from Congress.

The bill was called “Condemning the racist and anti-Semitic views of the Reverend Al Sharpton” and listed out all the objectionable and downright anti-Semitic and racist things Sharpton had said and been involved in.

Sharpton has tried to burnish the image that he’s changed over the last 30 years. The only thing that has changed is he went from wearing a jumpsuit to wearing $1500 tailored suits. He hasn’t changed a thing. He’s just polished up his act.

Throughout the late 80’s and early 90’s, whenever an issue came up in New York City that centered around race, Sharpton was there. The problem is, he wasn’t there as a healer. He was there as an agitator and a troublemaker — and an anti-Semite. He’s never once apologized for rhetoric he used about Jews. He once remarked, “If the Jews want to get it on, tell them to pin their yarmulkes back and come over to my house.”


To this day, despite all evidence showing it was a hoax, Sharpton claims the Tawana Brawley rape claims were true. That lie created racial tensions in the city as Brawley was black and the cops she accused were white. When he was ordered to pay libel damages, his supporters paid it for him. He left Brawley twisting in the wind to pay her six-figure penalty for libel.

In 2000, Scarborough took so much exception to all of these issues with Sharpton that he took the time to introduce a bill condemning the man. In 2018, he and Morning Joe welcome Sharpton on to discuss the ever-sensitive topic of race with one of modern America’s greatest grifters off the issue.

So, forgive us if we find Scarborough’s opinions or judgment of anyone farcical.

(h/t @ReaganBattalion)


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