Potential Pelosi Challenger for Speaker Wrote Letter of Support For Wife Beater Turned Murder Suspect

As the fight for the House speakership is underway with former Speaker Nancy Pelosi facing over a dozen defectors from her attempt to reclaim the post, one Speaker-hopeful is facing major shame and embarrassment following the murder of a former Ohio county judge’s ex-wife.


Rep. Marcia Fudge has up to the present denied writing a letter of recommendation and support for the Lance Mason, who was released from prison in 2014 following a nine-month sentence for beating up his then-wife, Aisha Fraser Mason.

Fraser, a school teacher, was stabbed to death in front of her two children by Mason “allegedly” at his home on the morning of Nov. 17.

The story is an utterly devastating, high profile example of domestic violence that can occur even after the abused leaves the abuser. An example so extreme even after the initial attack five years ago — Ms. Fraser had to undergo facial reconstruction surgery following Mason’s beating for which she received a $150,000 judgment from Mason — that, of course, Rep. Fudge would try to distance herself from following the stabbing death.

Rep. Fudge denied initial allegations that she supported Mason’s candidacy for a job in Cuyahoga County working as a minority business development director for Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson, but local news station, Cleveland 19, has obtained and published the letter authored by Marcia Fudge.


Rep. Fudge should not only not be Speaker of the House, but she also ought to apologize for her woefully poor judgment of someone’s character and resign.


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