Poll: With One Week To Go, Cruz Maintains Lead Over Beto

A second poll has Sen. Ted Cruz with a five-point lead over Democratic challenger Rep. Beto O’Rourke at 51 – 46 percent. While Cruz still leads, O’Rourke has been able to narrow the gap by four points as Election Day gets closer.


The question on the night of Nov. 6 will be whether Cruz’s lead will be enough. It may come down to Gov. Greg Abbott’s popularity — he maintains a double-digit lead over Lupe Valdez — and the typical voters’ habit of not splitting their ticket between parties.

Pres. Trump notably stumped for Republicans in Texas last week. With Independents skewing towards O’Rourke by a whopping 16 percent, it will be interesting to see if Trump’s visit hurt or helped Cruz with Texas voters.


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