Sen. David Perdue Sued for 'Battery' Following Cell Phone Incident

Georgia Republican U.S. Senate candidate David Perdue celebrates with supporters at his election night party, Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014, in Atlanta. (AP Photo/David Goldman)

It was a dumb thing for Sen. David Perdue (R – Ga.) to do, but, come on, sued for ‘battery’ for simply taking a young Socialist’s cell phone, apparently snapping a photo and then handing it back to him is, as the kids say, lame.


Here’s the totality of what happened between Perdue — who was out in support of Georgia Governor candidate Brian Kemp — and a Georgia Tech member of the Young Democratic Socialists of America, Nate Knauf.

The civil suit filed by an Atlanta-based firm claims:

Suddenly and without warning, Senator Perdue committed unlawful battery when he seized Mr. Knauf’s phone, touching Mr. Knauf in the process of seizing the phone, while angrily declaring: “No, I’m not doing that—I’m not doing that.”

Senator Perdue then stopped the recording on Mr. Knauf’s phone without Mr. Knauf’s permission. After Mr. Knauf asked Senator Perdue several times to return his stolen phone, Senator Perdue returned his phone and left the scene.

Senator Perdue had previously asked for Mr. Knauf’s phone, and Mr. Knauf refused to consent to Senator Perdue taking his phone. When Plaintiff Knauf began asking about voter-suppression allegations against Kemp, Senator Perdue did not want to answer the question and did not want the exchange recorded, despite Senator Perdue being in a public place and simply being asked about a public-policy matter by a constituent. Instead of answering his constituent’s question, civilly interacting with Mr. Knauf, or simply leaving, Senator Perdue forcefully took Mr. Knauf’s phone without his permission in a rude and offensive manner, which constitutes unlawful battery under Georgia law.


Perdue’s office for their part are calling out the ridiculous suit as an opportunistic attempt to “distort the facts” just weeks before the crucial November midterms.

It’s now abundantly clear that this is being politically orchestrated by Georgia Democrats. The Senator was simply asked to take a picture and went to take a selfie as he often does with hundreds of people. The Senator was also not ignoring their questions, in fact, he had just finished answering several students’ questions about climate change. Sadly, but not surprisingly, this is another attempt by liberal activists to distort the facts and distract the people of Georgia just weeks before an election.

In the video, Perdue can clearly be heard saying, “Alright, you wanted a picture? You wanted a picture? I’m gonna give it to you. You wanted a picture?” He then hands the phone back to Knauf, who had immediately gone into “You stole my phone” mode.

Michelle Fields had more proof of ‘battery’ from Corey Lewandowski in her case that was summarily thrown out. One can only hope the same happens with the suit from the little Commie brat.



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