Donald Trump and Stormy Daniels Go At It; This Time on Twitter

Tuesday was the worst morning to have a Twitter account, as Pres. Donald Trump had time on his hands to tweet while watching Fox News what with no public events on the schedule. He started out taking Sen. Elizabeth Warren to task over her Native American ancestry claims — once again getting her nickname of “Fauxcahontas” wrong — and it all went downhill from there into Jerry Springer Show territory.


The President called his 2006 one-night-stand, former porn star Stormy Daniels, “horseface” in a tweet following Fox News reporting on Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump being dismissed on Monday.

At least he gave Michael Avenatti an upgrade to “3rd rate lawyer.” That’s probably a first for the 1st rate grifter.

And because we don’t deserve nice things, of course, Daniels had to fire back at Trump and insult his ability and, er, manhood.


I’d ask what we did to deserve this, but what’s the point. It’s happening in front of our eyes and no matter how many “Do Not Want” gifs we post, it will continue.


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