Report: Friend of Blasey Ford Told The FBI She Was Pressured To Revisit Her Statement To Support Ford

Christine Blasey Ford testifies to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, Sept. 27, 2018. (Saul Loeb/Pool Photo via AP)

The friend of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, whom Ford has said was at the party where she claims Judge Brett Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were both teens, told the FBI she felt pressured to “revisit” her original statement in which she said she could not corroborate Blasey Ford’s story.


We’ve heard much mention over the last few weeks about Blasey Ford’s friend, Leland Keyser, who was one of three other people Ford placed at the alleged party she originally described as taking place in the mid-1980’s and later revised to 1982.

Keyser told the FBI — they also have the corroborating text messages — that their mutual friend and former FBI agent, Monica McLean contacted her after giving her initial statement, which was unsupportive of Ford’s claims, and told her she should clarify what she said.

A person close to the former classmates said it was her understanding that mutual friends of Dr. Ford and Ms. Keyser, including Ms. McLean, had contacted Ms. Keyser after her initial statement to warn her that her statement was being used by Republicans to rebut the allegation against Judge Kavanaugh. The friends told Ms. Keyser that if she had intended to say she didn’t remember the party—not that it had never happened—that she should clarify her statement, the person said, adding that the friends hadn’t “pressured” Ms. Keyser.

This is where we then heard ad nauseum that while Keyser couldn’t recall ever being at a party like Ford described, she believed her claims against Judge Kavanaugh.

As the Church Lady says, “How convenient.”


This new report from the Wall Street Journal caused many to question whether statements made in an email from Sen. Chuck Grassley to Blasey Ford’s attorneys were referencing this story that was about to break.

In a renewed demand for requested documents, Sen. Grassley said “In light of recently uncovered information, please turn over records and descriptions of direct or indirect communications between Dr. Ford or her representatives and any of the following: (1) U.S. Senators or their staffs, particularly the offices of Senators Feinstein and Hirono, other than your communications with me and my staff in preparation for the September 27 hearing; (2) the alleged witnesses identified by Dr. Ford (Leland Keyser, Mark Judge, and Patrick “P.J.” Smith); and (3) Debbie Ramirez, Julie Swetnick, or their representatives.”

The longer Kavanaugh’s confirmation drags on, it seems things are getting worse for Ford and her claims.


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