Democrats Create Stupidest Narrative of All Time About Brett Kavanaugh

Sen. Kamala Harris took time out of her busy day at the committee hearing of Brett Kavanaugh to tweet out a lie from anti-gun activist and daughter of murdered high schooler, Jaime Guttenberg who is at the hearing today.


Except that’s not what happened. The White House’s Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah debunked the claim with video in a quote tweet of Harris.

And there it is. One b.s. narrative obliterated. But nice try, Senator.

Unfortunately, the tweet has already sent out an untrue narrative of Kavanaugh. The chances Sen. Harris deletes the tweet is almost zero, because that doesn’t go with the clear agenda the Democrats have to make the hearing into a circus.

Sorry to say, but in 2018 you can’t just walk up to a man whom the left has put a target on his back and has security trained to get someone to and from where they need to go.


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