Ben Sasse To Trump: Jeff Sessions Is Not There To Be A Partisan Hack

Sen. Ben Sasse (R-Neb.) broke with some of his Republican colleagues who have said recently they would vote for a potential successor attorney general should Pres. Trump fire Jeff Sessions. Sasse said he “could not envision any circumstance” in which he would do the same.


“I find it really difficult to envision any circumstance where I would vote to confirm a successor to Jeff Sessions if he is fired because he is executing his job rather than choosing to act like a partisan hack,” Sasse said.

Sens. Lindsey Graham and Chuck Grassley have both said they would vote for Trump’s replacement should he choose the highly controversial route of firing Sessions, whom he thinks is doing a bad job of running the Department of Justice.

So far Trump has shied away from taking the ultimate step of firing his attorney general. Sasse’s reticence to go along with such a firing — which would necessarily create a firestorm of pushback from all sides — would make replacing Sessions before the 2020 election likely impossible.


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