Now Alex Jones' Attorney Wants Sandy Hook Parent's Addresses to be Made Public Despite History of Threats

As if Alex Jones’ lunatic conspiracy theories about the Sandy Hook massacre aren’t bad enough, the parents of murdered Noah Pozner, Leonard Pozner and Veronique De La Rosa, who are suing him for defamation, have had to move more than half a dozen times due to threats from his deranged followers.


So what’s a despicable fabulist’s attorney to do? Ask a judge to make their current addresses public, opening them up to further harassment — harassment that led to the lawsuit in the first place — and possible endangerment, of course.

“Sometimes I lie awake at night worrying that despite our efforts at security, a determined conspiracy fanatic might gain entry to our home,” De La Rosa said in a court declaration.

The parents have also paid a small fortune in grief counseling because of Jones, they said.

“Due to Mr. Jones’ broadcast, I have also suffered severe emotional distress and trauma which I cannot even begin to adequately describe,” Pozner said in his declaration. “No human being should ever be asked to suffer through the torment Mr. Jones carried out.”

In an objection, lawyer Mark Enoch, who is representing Jones in the defamation case, said the declarations should be thrown out if the parents don’t provide their dates of birth and addresses.

“The declarations filed by Plaintiffs are neither affidavits nor are they proper declarations,” Enoch’s objection says, citing a Texas law that he says requires them to provide personal information.

Thankfully, the lawyer for Noah’s parents, Mark Bankston, responded with the obvious reasoning for why their personal information should remain private.


“There are obvious reasons why these Plaintiffs are extraordinarily hesitant about filing public documents containing their personal information, such as their address or date of birth, and they will not publish that information absent a legal obligation to do so,” Bankston’s response reads. “Information such as date of birth, addresses, etc., have been used in the past by InfoWars followers to locate and harass the Plaintiffs.”

Jones’ followers are not what anyone would consider mainstream in their beliefs and the ones I know personally have mental health issues. That’s not to say that’s true of them all, but the ones who stalk grieving parents over a cooked up conspiracy Jones admits he fabricated out of whole cloth are clearly not all there.

Hopefully, the judge deciding whether the case should proceed will value the peace and safety of a dead 6-year-old’s parents.


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