Actual Shots Fired: Democrat Shoots Facebook Friend After Online Political Debate Gets Heated

Who could’ve seen this one coming…besides everyone?

Two Floridians who were friends on Facebook apparently got into such a heated political argument that a 44-year-old “man,” Brian Sebring, — who is also a registered Democrat in the state of Florida — packed up his AR-15 and a Glock and intentionally drove over to Alex Stephens’ home and shot him in the rear-end and thigh.


When Sebring arrived at his Facebook friend’s home, an affidavit said he honked his car horn to summon the man from the house. When the man came out, police say he  “immediately charged” at Sebring. Sebring then drew his pistol and fired two shots at the victim, hitting him in the thigh and buttocks.

Sebring fled the scene but later turned himself in to police.

Stephens was reportedly taken to a nearby hospital with non-critical wounds. Thank goodness.

One has to wonder how many of these types of events happened previously over online arguments, not necessarily political in nature. Regardless, this story is a good reminder of how caustic, inflammatory, and real online arguments can be.

We have to be conscientious and measured and realize we have a choice to be civil or revert to violent instincts when reacting.


This is an event we could laugh off — particularly as it involves two “Florida Men” — or it can be a learning experience of what not to do and a warning to not let emotions get to a violent point over words.

Sebring now faces felony charges for aggravated battery and carrying a concealed weapon, for which he does not have a license. All because of a political argument online.


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