Dirtbag Alex Jones Countersues Sandy Hook Parents for $100K

What’s a dishonest conspiracy theorist and snake oil salesman to do when he gets sued for calling a mass shooting where 20 children and six adults were murdered an elaborate hoax? Countersue the pants off the grieving parents, of course.


Jones wants the suit thrown out, claiming he has a First Amendment right to make stuff up and is countersuing the parents of Noah Pozner, who was 6 at the time he and his classmates were gunned down in December of 2012, to cover his court costs and legal fees to the tune of $100,000. The Pozners initially sued Jones for defamation for his despicable conspiracy theory that the Sandy Hook, Connecticut massacre wasn’t real, but was “staged.”

Noah Pozner’s parents, Veronique De La Rosa and Leonard Pozner, have since been forced to move seven times and now live hundreds of miles away from the town where their little boy was buried. The threats and reports of what Jones has said about the Pozners certainly sound harrowing.

Lucy Richards, an Infowars devotee, was arrested the next year for repeatedly threatening Mr. Pozner’s life. She was sentenced to five months in prison last year. As a condition of parole, a judge ordered that she cease consuming Infowars programming, the court documents state.

“This type of misinformation is a bit of a societal crisis,” Ms. De La Rosa said. “This isn’t someone on a soapbox in Times Square spewing nonsense. It’s someone who every day generates income from his demonstrably false utterances.”

Starting days after the shooting, Mr. Jones helped spread false claims that the Sandy Hook parents were “crisis actors” in a government conspiracy. A month after the shooting, he began broadcasting excerpts from Ms. De La Rosa’s interview with the CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, which was taped in front of the Edmond Town Hall in Newtown. Mr. Jones falsely claimed that the interview was taped in a studio before a “green screen.”

In an April 2017 Infowars broadcast titled “Sandy Hook Vampires Exposed,” according to the court documents, Mr. Jones aired the clip of Ms. De La Rosa’s interview, noting that when Mr. Cooper turns his head, “his nose disappears repeatedly because the green screen isn’t set right.” The Pozner filings include an affidavit from Grant Fredericks, a forensic video analyst and expert witness, in which he attributes the anomaly in the videotape to “postproduction compression,” common in video production, and said “no credible video professional, editor or web-content specialist would conclude” that the interview was taped in front of a screen.


Because Jones goes on air most days of the week to spout off about various and sundry cracked up nonsense he convinces enough people to pay to see.

So not only has Jones caused a family who suffered a horrible loss to be continually harassed in the last six years for something he admits he made up, he wants their money too.

None of this has slowed Jones down, however. As recently as last month Jones garnered national mocking as he proclaimed the Left was going to launch a new civil war on July 4.

One thing is for sure, garbage people never disappoint.


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