Amy Barrett Is Under Consideration for the Supreme Court and the Anti-Catholic Bigotry Is Starting

Conservatives have become used to double standards from Democrats and the media when it comes to judicial nominees. No one ever questions whether liberal judicial nominees will become “activist” judges or if they’ll do damage to the Constitution.


That said, the level of vitriol getting directed at Amy Barrett (even when she was under consideration for the 7th circuit) is already reaching nuclear levels of absurd. It’s almost like a throwback to the 1960’s when the country fretted over the possibility of a — GASP! — Catholic president. We see the same thing with Judge Amy Barrett. It’s as if she’ll hear a case and, rather than having her clerks do the necessary research, she’ll instead grab her rosary beads, slap her plastic Jesus on the dashboard of her car and head for the nearest Catholic church to bathe in holy water and light candles before rendering a decision.

Apparently, Barrett belongs to some Christian group, and of course, it’s perfectly valid to call out the weirdo Christian groups because that’s acceptable in today’s culture.

Here’s Richard Painter tweeting about Barrett this weekend:

It’s not a “card,” Richard. It’s blatant bigotry. Go look at his timeline over the last couple of days. It’s nucking futs crazy-pants stuff.

These dunderheads believe The Handmaid’s Tale is coming to life:


The strong possibility exists Trump will choose Barrett and Republicans had better gear up. The pressure will be on to defeat her nomination. Believe it or not, Democrats will be in a better position to get the vote done before the November elections. Republicans are better positioned to pick up seats in the Senate than Democrats, and Republican candidates can use Democratic opposition to their advantage.

Still, nominating Barret is also an excellent tactical decision. Some Democrats will find it difficult to attack her because she’s a woman. One has to imagine the irony of an old white male Democrat (such as Charles Schumer) on the judiciary committee going after a woman about her views on abortion. Also, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins, two pro-choice Republicans voted to confirm Barrett to the 7th circuit. They’d look a little silly turning around voting against her now.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth by the Democrats is a sight to behold. They’re all yelling Trump must choose someone like Kennedy to replace Kennedy. Does anyone remember when Democrats said Barack Obama should choose someone like Scalia to replace Scalia? If Barack Obama chose Neil Gorsuch to replace Scalia, he would have been confirmed in about five minutes.


But those requirements don’t exist for Democrats. Only Republicans have to play by some made up book of rules and of course, the media plays right along. There will be no shortage of, “Amy Barrett is a radical, Christian extremist” stories in the press once Trump makes the choice. There will be 5,000-word think pieces in The Atlantic on how the new court will drag us back to the days of segregated lunch counters, back alley coat hanger abortions, and gay people relegated back into the closet.

It’s all fearmongering crap. Every word.

If Democrats wanted the court to represent a leftist utopia, then they should not have nominated a candidate who somehow found a way to lose to Donald Trump.

He’s the President and he gets to make the call, not Chuck Schumer. Deal with it.


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