Watch: Bill Clinton Gets Testy When Asked If He Ever Apologized to Monica Lewinsky

In this image taken from video, Monica Lewinsky embraces President Clinton as he greeted well-wishers at a White House lawn party in Washington Nov. 6, 1996. (AP Photo/APTV)

NBC’s Craig Melvin sat down with Pres. Bill Clinton for the Today Show and he went there with the notorious womanizer, asking Clinton if he ever apologized to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.



In true Clintonian fashion, he dodges answering the question and instead talks about how he “had a sexual harassment policy when [he] was governor in the eighties” — ahem, yes, the policy was apparently to sexually harass women — and praise himself for having to women as chiefs of staff.

The former womanizer-in-chief also bemoaned the fact that he left the White House $16 million in debt because he was caught philandering with an intern and lied about it. Boo hoo.

I hope more journalists ask Bill and his enabling counterpart, Hillary, about his history of sexual predation and her enabling to the point they decide to finally quit public life. But I doubt American’s are that lucky.


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