BREAKING: Irish Times Reports Abortion Ban Repeal Has Passed

In this photo taken on May 17, 2018, a pro life supporter canvassing for a No vote on the streets of Dublin, Ireland. In homes and pubs, on leaflets and lampposts, debate rages in Ireland over whether to lift the country's decades-old ban on abortion. Pro-repeal banners declare: "Her choice: vote yes." Anti-abortion placards warn against a "license to kill." Online, the argument is just as charged _ and more shadowy _ as unregulated ads of uncertain origin battle to sway voters ahead of Friday's referendum, which could give Irish women the right to end their pregnancies for the first time. (AP Photo/Peter Morrison)

The Irish Times announced the results of their exit poll from Friday’s election predicting the country’s constitutional ban on abortion has been overturned. A truly sad and anti-life vote for the historically deeply Catholic country.




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