BREAKING: One Passenger From Southwest Flight Has Died

Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 sits on the tarmac at Philadelphia International Airport April 17, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pa. The aircraft had to make an emergency landing en route from LaGuardia to Dallas. (AP Photo/Corey Perrine)
(Amanda Bourman via AP)

A passenger from a Southwest Airlines flight that made an emergency landing on Tuesday has died. Details have not yet emerged as to the cause of death. However, one witness said, “shrapnel from the engine burst into the plane and injured a passenger.”


One passenger was reported to have nearly been sucked out of a window before other passengers pulled her back in. The window was broken by shrapnel when one of the jet’s engines exploded shortly after takeoff.

The flight from NYC’s LaGuardia heading to Dallas’s Love Field was forced to make an emergency landing in Philadelphia around 11 a.m.

Seven other passengers were treated for injuries but no one else required a hospital.

According to reports, this is the first fatality on an airline in nine years.


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