Embarrassing: Vox Writer Openly Tweets His Ignorance of Politics and Language

The outrage culture has continued to jump the shark for years now, where can be personally offended, but also anyone can take offense on behalf of someone else.


This appropriated outrage reached a meteoric level today when Vox-splainer, Dylan Matthews, decided he had a brilliant thought and tweeted it before running it past anyone with a slight familiarity of historical, sociopolitical or business terms.

Heh. What am I saying, it’s Vox. It was probably greenlighted by six editors.


“My most PC opinion is that “tribalism” is an offensive term that does a (usually unintentional) disservice to American Indian tribes, and gains its power from the implicit idea that tribes (and thus American Indians) are irrational or incapable of thinking outside their group.”

Ohhhkay. Slow your roll there, buddy.

The fact that this is someone’s admittedly “most PC opinion” simply displays just how idiotic much of political correctness is. I mean, that opinion is just not based anywhere in fact.

The fun thing about social media is for every couple thousand dimwits, there’s at least one bright individual who knows facts, or at least how to look them up. Ricochet’s Jon Gabriel happens to be one of them and succinctly laid some factual context about where the word “tribe” comes from.


“Tribe” was coined centuries before Columbus, referring to “one of the twelve divisions of the ancient Hebrews,” from Latin tribus “one of the three political/ethnic divisions of the original Roman state.”

Not to mention the fact that the word “tribe” or “tribal” is also used in a positive context by many who work in business, marketing, or economics.

As author and businessman Michael Hyatt said about tribal leadership, “Tribes are the people we lead. A tribe can be a small group or large. It’s the group of folks you influence.”

Tribe in Hyatt’s context, as in the context of historical affiliation, didn’t originate with Native Americans or blind allegiance to a person or party. Believing or intimating it is such is grossly ignorant of history and language. If Matthews really believes what he said, it says more about him than anyone else.


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