Florida Governor Signs Post-Parkland Gun Bill Into Law on Last Day of Session

Gov. Rick Scott signed new gun regulations into law on Friday, the last day of Florida’s Congressional session.

The new law tackles three main — if merely feel-good — issues revolving around guns recently.


Florida’s new law:

1. Increases the age to purchase a rifle from 18 to 21.

2. Establishes a 3-day waiting period for rifles — which matches its handgun law — and,

3. Allocates $400 million to create a program to train and arm school employees.

Two of the three are “feel good” measures to be sure. The vast majority of deadly shootings have been conducted by men in their 30’s and 40’s, not young adults under age 21.

The 3-day waiting period is innocuous. Those who have committed mass murder with firearms have either not purchased their firearms legally or waited the three days.

Finally, the one thing that has any chance of making a difference in Florida, is the opportunity for willing and able teachers and administrators in Florida schools to quietly exercise their constitutional right to bear arms while on campus.

While this bill will likely face constitutional challenges, Gov. Scott had little choice but to sign the bill. One can only hope no young adult in Florida under the age of 21 — i.e. college age — is attacked, or worse, loses their life because they weren’t allowed to legally purchase a firearm.



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