Immediately After Win, Ted Cruz Calls Out Democrat O'Rourke's Chicanery in First General Election Radio Ad

Tonight, Senator Ted Cruz easily, handily won the primary as expected. The news is that once again, turnout for Republicans stomped Democrat turnout (even though the press is only reporting that Dem turnout was higher than usual.)


It was a good night.

Immediately after winning, and tweeting about his win, Senator Cruz released his first general election ad. A radio spot that hits Democratic challenger Robert “Beto” O’Rourke — not to be confused with any Latino Beto’s, this guy’s just Irish-American — hard.

Check it out:

Cruz called out O’Rourke’s cynical appeal to Hispanic voters in making sure to use the name “Beto.”

It’s a good ad, made even better by the fact that east coast liberals won’t even be able to process it.

And even better still by the hopes of Beto’s out-of-state cheerleaders who actually think he’s going to win.

Anyway, congratulations Senator Cruz.


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