S.E. Cupp Hits The Bullseye Talking About The GOP and Race

S.E. Cupp is no defender of Democrats, but she doesn’t miss a chance to call out Republicans either.

Cupp opined on what she thought about Trump’s “s***hole countries” comment and the subsequent defense from some Republicans, and it was perfect.


“Words like “angry, ” “apartment,” and “constitution” became racist dog-whistles when Republicans used them, Democrats said earnestly,” she said.

Cupp went on to mention that by 2012 Chris Mathews was telling everyone watching MSNBC that the word “Chicago” was code for “Black” and Lawrence O’Donnell was “insisting that bringing up President Obama’s golf game was racist because Tiger Woods was black.”

Cupp warned Republicans of the same missteps, however.

“Donald Trump makes those smears against Romey and Republicans look ridiculous, silly and downright dirty,” she said.

“Dismissing or straining to explain away Trump’s racist comments with cutesy semantics or arguments that defy common sense, ” Cupp said. “Will not convince anyone that Trump didn’t say what he said.”


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