Not A Shock To See How Republicans Feel About The Direction of The Country

Under the pantheon of “Thanks, Captain Obvious” level polling, the latest from Gallup on satisfaction with the direction the United States is going is the most unsurprising poll results ever.


In other words, you can keep standing while reading this post.

According to the poll, 61 percent of Republicans are satisfied with the direction of the country.

That’s the highest since 2007. In other words, Republicans are most satisfied when Republicans are running things.

So weird, right? Or, not really. Which is why I’m being so facetious reporting this latest poll.

One can clearly expect Republicans to be satisfied when like-minded individuals are making the decisions on the direction the country is going, just as Democrats would feel the same about other Democrats running the show.

What is notable about the poll is Republicans have pulled out of the slump they were in following health care reform defeat over the summer of 2017.

After bottoming out at 38% in October, the party’s rank and file became gradually more satisfied with the nation’s trajectory in the final quarter of 2017. Independents, too, have become more satisfied since October, after hitting a 2017 low of 20% that month. Currently, 31% of independents report satisfaction with the way things are going for the country.


What the poll shows is Demorats have begun to suffer in the Trump-era, as they’re satisfaction level.

Democrats have dipped to a new Trump-era low in satisfaction with the nation’s direction. The current 7% who are satisfied is slightly lower than the 9% to 16% range previously registered since the president’s inauguration.

But, as Gallup notes, even Democrats and independents are largely satisfied with the direction of the country. On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s good to see that despite the costant divisiveness in American politics, Americans are still largely united in how they see where the country is headed.


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