WATCH: In CNN Appearance, Bob Woodward Calls Out TV News For 'Self-Righteousness' and 'Smugness' Regarding Trump

The iconic duo of Bob Woodward and Carl Berstein appeared together on CNN’s State of the Union this week and both took turns admonishing the mainstream media and, in particular, cable news.


Fill-in host Dana Bash asked the pair for their thoughts on the fact that President Trump enjoys antagonizing the media and calling CNN and other news outlets “fake news and worse,” and how it compares to their experiences with President Nixon.

Bernstein agreed the Nixon administration attempted to make the Watergate scandal about the behavior of the press, rather than about the break-in to DNC headquarters and subsequent cover-up. Bernstein accused Trump of going further than that, but told Bash the media is too provocative themselves and are too quick to take Trump’s bait.

Bernstein went on to say the media should stop talking about how much Trump golfs because there are more pressing and important issues going on.

Woodward took over from Bernstein and went even further, saying the media needs to cut back on the “smugness” and “self-righteousness.”

Woodward also placed a lot of co-ownership of the media’s poor relationship with the president on the media by pointing out that when he and Bernstein reported on Nixon, they didn’t “adopt a tone of ridicule” that today’s media has toward President Trump.



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