BREAKING: Virginia House of Delegates Race Tied; Race To Be Settled The Old-Fashioned Way

The Virginia House of Delegates race that was so close a recount was deemed necessary has ended in a tie.

The race will now be decided by the Fates in a draw from a hat.


The seat in question could flip the Virginia House of Delegates from Republican control to Democratic, which will make a difference in upcoming legislation..

That single decisive vote in the Newport News, Virginia, district could help Democrats with their long-term goal of passing Medicaid expansion in the state next year. “We are one vote closer to expanding Medicaid and extending access to affordable health care to nearly 400,000 people,” Virginia House Democratic leader David Toscano said in a statement. “Let’s get this done.”

The GOP maintains control of the state Senate by a narrow 21-to-19 margin. Still, come next year, Democratic Lt. Gov.-elect Justin Fairfax will be the one to break ties in the Senate, and Democratic Gov.-elect Ralph Northam will have veto power, making a bipartisan agenda more likely.

It’s going to be a nerve-wracking straw-pulling.


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