Sarah Huckabee Sanders and White House Correspondent Bond Over Conclusion of 'Pie Gate'

When Sarah Huckabee Sanders posted a photo of a chocolate pecan pie she baked for Thanksgiving it set off a wave of skepticism and launched the attribution of #PieGate on Twitter over whether or not Sanders actually baked the pie.


None was more dogged in getting to the bottom of #PiGate than CNN contributor and White House correspondent April Ryan.

Sanders took the ribbing and said she would document from start to finish her baking the pies the next time. On Thursday the time came to prepare for the


Ryan was impressed and said while she wasn’t going to eat the pie, she saw the pie making as “a reset.”

“It was a joke in the beginning. It went awry. But I look at this as a reset. I think this is an honest attempt by you to reach out to us.”

Sanders agreed and said she tries to reach out to the press every day.


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