Bill Clinton Was Given a Pass; Watch His Accusers Storm Al Franken’s Office

Several women who claim to be sexual assault and harassment victims of Bill Clinton stormed the office of Sen. Al Franken on Wednesday.

In a video posted online, alleged victims Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and Leslie Millwee enter Franken’s office.


Kathleen Willey admits the trip might prove to be fruitless, saying “I don’t think we’ll get anywhere, but at least we can say we were here.”

The women left Franken’s office when police arrived.

The three women held a press conference prior to visiting Al Franken’s office. Willey stated their purpose for being on Capitol Hill was “to demand the resignation of Al Franken and John Conyers. They are not sorry. Their apologies are weak. The only reason they apologized is because they were caught.”

They also demanded the practice of congressmen paying out harassment settlement’s with taxpayer dollars stop.

“I’m tired of paying Bill Clinton’s pension for what he did to me and all of these other women. I know there are many, many more like me,” Leslie Millwee said.

Good for them. If any group of women has suffered negative consequences for coming forward and speaking out about Bill Clinton’s alleged abuses and sexual predation, it’s Broaddrick, Willey, and Milwee.

Conyers and Franken have so far refused to resign. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, after defending Conyers on Sunday, has called for Conyers to resign.


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