Twitter Sides With Planned Parenthood Over Marsha Blackburn Campaign Ad

Twitter dot com, the bastion of differing thoughts and opinions that it is, has removed Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s new campaign ad announcing her run for outgoing Tennessee Senator Bob Corker’s seat.


The paid video ad began being promoted late last week, but was quickly flagged for being “negative.” Seriously.

Here’s the video. See if you can pick out the part Twitter finds “an inflammatory statement.”

The offensive statement in question is where Blackburn says she “stopped the sale of baby body parts.”

Apparently, the SJW’s at Twitter were clutching their pearls and fainting to the floor over a practice Planned Parenthood has exposed as doing and shamelessly.

Of course, anyone using Twitter could happen across the popular hashtag “PPSellsBabyBodyParts.” Their sensitive SJW ears and eyes that have no problem watching shows like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones might be triggered by a phrase buried a minute deep into a campaign ad.

Twitter admits the video is still able to be posted by users and via YouTube and not-so-magnanimously told the Blackburn campaign they could pay to promote the ad if the “inflammatory” portion was cut out.

Blackburn’s response? To post the ad on her own account and ask others to retweet it.


Twitter’s a private company and, therefore, free to make arbitrary decisions. This kind of nonsense simply exposes another example of how much power social media platforms, like Twitter and Facebook, wield over what we see and experience as a matter of course throughout our day.

Social media has the capacity to sway not only elections but the culture in general. There’s no mistaking here that Twitter will go out of its way to protect Planned Parenthood and stifle pro-life advocates wherever they can.


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