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Story links below.

Gay Coffee Shop Owner Forcibly Ejects Christian Customers For Their Beliefs by Brandon Morse

Bowe Bergdahl Pleads Guilty To Everything by Streiff

Worst Proposal Ever! Trump Wants To “Wipe Out” Puerto Rico’s Debt by RedState diarist, Dana Pico

Steve Scalise: Getting Shot Strengthened My Stances Against Gun Control by Brandon Morse

Shocker: Pro-Life Congressman Accused Of Unchecked Rage, Urging Mistress To Have An Abortion by Jim Jamitis

New York Times: Republicans Open to Banning Bump Stocks by Patterico

Planned Parenthood Is the Real Victim, For They Are Mischaracterized by Kimberly Ross

Living in a Free and Dangerous Country Is Better Than Living in a Restricted and “Safe” Country by Brandon Morse

Harvey Weinstein’s Hollywood Savvy Is Behind His Crass NRA Ploy by Caleb Howe


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