New Seattle Mayor Sworn In; Immediately Sticks His Foot In His Mouth

Well, the Seattle mayor scandal doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon as newly sworn in Mayor Bruce Harrell immediately put his foot in his mouth following his swearing in.


Former Seattle Mayor Ed Murray resigned yesterday amid growing allegations of sexual abuse against minors during the 1970’s and 1980’s. Regardless, Mayor Harrell was sure to tell media at the press conference he hadn’t called for Ed Murray to resign.

He then went further and said,

“Seattle residents, “did not ask us to judge anyone for something that happened 33 years ago or maybe didn’t happen. We just don’t know. And I would ask that I don’t want to be judged for anything 33 years ago… And I would challenge each of you to think about where you were 33 years ago. The question is are you doing your job today right now?”


Um, what?

That’s a truly idiotic statement. — And full disclosure, 33 years ago I was learning how to walk so judge me away! — Depending on what one was doing 33 years ago, like allegedly molesting minor children, you will be judged and should.

Personally, I’ve expressed conflicting thoughts on Murray losing his position when there are only he said-he said proof. However, with the allegations he is facing Murray did need to go and the court of public opinion saw to that.

Mayor Harrell did neither himself, nor Murray, any favors by making such a stupid and clearly problematic statement.


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