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Story links below.

Trump Was Wrong On Debt Ceiling Agreement And He Got Owned by Jay Caruso

This Is A Thing A Woman Is Doing And Her Father Is Actually Helping Her by KJ Adan

Eric Bolling Goes Bye-Bye From Fox News by Caleb Howe

Trump Demands Congress Act On DACA, Ann Coulter Hardest Hit by Jim Jamitis

Berkeley Antifa Ignorantly Tries To Paint Ben Shapiro by Brandon Morse

Equifax Execs Sold Stock Worth $1 Million by Patterico

‘We Can’t Save You’: Florida Governor’s Dire Warning by Teri Christoph

Trump Gives Lois Lerner A Free Pass Despite His Past Outrage Over IRS Targeting by Jim Jamitis

Donald J. Trump: The First Millennial President by Kimberly Ross

The Republican Party Must Look At Donald Trump As Their Opponent by Ben Howe


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