There It Is: Morning Joe Panelist Admits Press Will Love Trump’s Democratic Shift

On Friday morning, MSNBC analyst Mark Halperin admitted what many already knew to be true: The media will give positive coverage to Trump the more he sides with Democrats and their policies…because they themselves like “liberal policies.”

Watch, via the Free Beacon:

Halperin made the remarks after it was reported the president has been thrilled with the positive press coverage in the New York Times and elsewhere after he struck a deal with Democrats that sent many Republicans reeling.

Halperin said one thing to know about Trump is that he likes “good coverage” and predicted Trump would get more of it the more that he works with Democrats.

“This will get good coverage, if he works with Democrats, for as far as the eye can see,” Halperin said. “It’ll produce more liberal policies, which a lot of people in the media like. It produces a change in the storyline, which a lot of people like. The establishment media likes bipartisanship over ideology.”

“Through Halloween, if the president works with Democrats and maybe beyond, he can get positive coverage, and he’ll respond positively to that,” Halperin added. “Republicans are going to have to figure out to deal with that, because they can’t stop him from working with the Democrats.”


Trump also took to Twitter on Friday morning to lambast Republicans over not ending the filibuster and getting a health care reform bill on his desk, among other things. He also urged Congress to “hurry” and get tax reform done.

It seems Trump may be filing the divorce paperwork between himself and any semblance of an amicable relationship between the Republican Party, especially if it gets him his precious: Positive media coverage.


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