CNN Accused of Staging On-Air Rescue By... Guess Who

Infowars fans must’ve been apoplectic when they heard a “Clinton News Network” — their term for CNN — reporter, Drew Griffin, and his news crew had rushed to save a man in a truck being swept away by flood waters on Tuesday morning.


But they had nothing to fear, as their conspiracy theory god, Alex Jones, came to the rescue with a new twisted story accusing CNN of staging the whole thing.

Jones’ lemmings wasted no time in pushing out the ridiculous theory and “proof.”

How strong is Infowars’ proof, one might wonder? So solid Washington Free Beacon reporter, Alex Griswold, debunked the conspiracy theory in a mere three tweets from start to finish.

These kinds of conspiracy theories are the true horrid underbelly of the internet.

Anyone watching CNN live that morning — I was — saw how harrowing and affected by what happened everyone involved was. Griffin was clearly stricken by the idea that the man would likely no longer be alive if the crew hadn’t happened to be there and happened to have a rope with them.

Unfortunately, Jones, Watson, and their ilk feel no shame pushing such fake news tripe simply to push their own “CNN is the devil” narrative.


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