Trump Won't Call Out White Supremacists But Blasts Minority CEO for Leaving Manufacturing Council

The Chairman and CEO of pharmaceutical company Merck, Kenneth Frazier, issued a statement on Monday saying he was resigning from the President’s American Manufacturing Council.


Frazier stated that as a matter of personal conscience he was resigning specifically over the president’s lack of “clearly rejecting expressions of hatred, bigotry and group supremacy,” in his statements during and since the deadly rally and protest in Charlottesville,  Va. over the weekend.

Frazier’s statement is unobjectionable for anyone who found Trump’s response and lack of calling out white supremacists over the weekend’s violence, but particularly as Frazier is one of the most prominent black male CEOs in the world.

The president, however, sunk further beneath the dignity of the office he holds to go after Frazier on Twitter.

Setting aside the childishness of the tweet, Trump clearly still does not know anything about the pharmaceutical business model.

If only our president had the ability to turn that sentiment around and see how detrimental his tweets are to getting his agenda accomplished and think about resigning his Twitter account for awhile.


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