Ben Shapiro Diagnoses Campus Anti-Free Speech Problem to Congress (Video)

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro testified to Congress on Thursday and with his opening statement gave a succinct explanation for what is happening on college campuses across America and the issue of free speech, or more the lack thereof.



Shapiro breaks down the issue as a 3-step problem that leads to speech being curbed or completely banned from campuses.

He states that the first step is in the fact that the ideology of intersectionality says that the validity or invalidity of an argument can be judged depending on the race, ethnicity, sexuality, or cultural identity of the person making the argument. The second step is to claim that anyone who says otherwise is engaging in “verbal violence.” And the final step is students feeling actual physical violence is justified if it’s to stop such “verbal violence.”

Shapiro has notably been shouted down or disinvited from speaking at universities in several states over the last year. He was also deemed the Most Hated Jew in America after the 2016 election, which saw his defection from the Breitbart website and disgusting and momentous rise of the alt-right.


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