A Must Watch: Adam Carolla Testifies to Congress About Safe Spaces and Family

Adam Carolla testified to Congress last week about his experiences with free speech abuses on American college campuses. Carolla began by talking about his experiences traveling around the world to universities in the 1990’s and early 200’s with Loveline co-host Dr. Drew Pinsky.


He stated the differences between the dialog and reaction to the discussions he and Dr. Drew had with students are a stark contrast with his experiences today, a scant fifteen years later.


Carolla points out that the administrators and professors are the adults and need to start acting like it. But arguably more important, he places the problem squarely on the issue of what kind of home-life kids are coming from and the importance of intact families.

When asked by Rep. DeSantis (R – Fla.) about what he thinks Congress can do, if anything, to help the problem, Carolla reiterated and gave a full-throated argument for the issue starting at home, long before these kids are in college.



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