What Are We Becoming? Fox News' Kat Timpf Assaulted at Campaign Event

Since the 2016 election, politics have seemingly become increasingly volatile. The shooting at a ballpark where Republicans were practicing for an annual goodwill, charity baseball game with Democrats was the antithesis of the many awful things we could imagine.

But civil discourse met with another low hit Monday night when a man doused Fox News host Kat Timpf with an entire 1.5-liter bottle of water. The man apparently singled her out shortly before she was scheduled to speak at a campaign event for her longtime friend and Reform Party candidate for Brooklyn Borough President, Ben Kissel.

Timpf tweeted about the assault shortly after and expressed how much of America feels about political discourse in 2017.

Timpf perfectly expresses how nonsensical this approach is if the goal is to convince anyone. She has displayed for over half a decade that she is willing and able to have a dialog with those who don’t agree with her. The friend she was there to speak on behalf of, Ben Kissel, is also well-known for engaging civilly with those he may not agree with entirely. Neither of them can be described as straight right-wing adherents.

These kinds of attacks must be curbed and spoken out against on both sides. Unfortunately, the Left’s penchant for physical assault and violence is well-known and long expected.