In The Queen's Speech, Something Was Conspicuously Missing

There’s been no formal cancellation yet, but England’s Queen Elizabeth, in her speech opening Parliament on Wednesday, caused much speculation over the conspicuous absence of any mention of U.S. President Donald Trump’s planned visit. laid out major state business in the coming months.

The Queen laid out major state business in the coming months, which included a statement about looking forward to a visit from King Felipe of Spain.

President Trump reportedly floated the idea of canceling the trip if there are protests — an event which seems likely given the political climate in the U.K. of late — and not to reschedule until the British support him coming.

There’s nothing wrong with Trump choosing not to go where he feels unwelcome. However, the president holds much of the blame for anti-Trump sentiment in light of the fact that he has been openly antagonistic toward prominent British politicians, like London Mayor Sadiq Khan following recent terror attacks.

The leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn, has openly welcomed a cancellation of Trump’s visit.

While the monarchy stays largely out of politics, as a rule, Prince Charles is a marked adherent of climate alarmism. The Queen also wore a blue hat with a ring of blue flowers with yellow centers, making an image reminiscent of the E.U. flag. A clear gesture in opposition of Brexit.

On June 12, Trump’s spokesperson, Sean Spicer, was asked about the trip, which was expected to be scheduled for October, and he indicated no plans had changed and nothing had been canceled.

This would indicate the Brits may cancel the trip on their end, or at the very least, not expect or necessarily want the visit to occur. If that’s the case, it would speak volumes for the state of the administration and be an embarrassment not only for the president but Republicans.

During Barack Obama’s presidency, conservatives and Republicans often lambasted Obama over his diminishing and disrespecting the long-held friendship between the United States and the UK. Things appear to be going further south with many of our allies with President Trump.

So far, Trump has had reportedly tense, if not downright contemptuous, interactions with leaders in Canada, Mexico, France, Australia, and who can forget poor, little Montenegro. And now this with the United Kingdom.

This is another instance of Trump taking an issue voters disliked about Obama and Hillary Clinton and proving the situation could get worse.

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